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TKCSB Images is a small, independent brand based in Longmont, Colorado. We offer unique printed t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and other fine products.

Many of the designs printed on our products are created in-house; we also offer a number of designs created by very talented local, regional, and national artists.

To introduce you to our designs, we offer this one-time discount code: Hello. Enter the word Hello at checkout when purchasing anything on the site, and you'll receive a 20% discount off the total sale price.

Buy one t-shirt; get 20% off the price.

Buy a dozen t-shirts, get 20% off the total sale price.

Buy a zillion shirts, get 20% off the total sale price. And a rubber duck. Buy a zillion shirts and not only will we give you 20% off the total sale price, but we'll throw in a rubber duck, also. That's not a deal you're going to find at just any random clothing store - you'd better take us up on this offer fast. You just can't afford not to take advantage of this tremendous offer.

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Steve Bigelow
TKCSB Images