Laundry and Care Instructions

TKCSB Images Laundry and Care Instructions

Thank you for buying our printed shirts, hoodies, and tote bags!

Here's how to wash and care for them to keep them looking fresh for a long time.

(Be an adult, and do this yourself - don't just hand it off to your mom.)

TKCSB Images Laundry and Care Instructions - Washing


  • Turn the shirt, hoodie, or bag inside out to prevent other items from rubbing against the printed area.
  • Wash in cold water with similar colors.
  • Don't use bleach of any kind.
  • Be kind - use a gentle cycle or better yet, wash by hand.
TKCSB Images Laundry and Care Instructions - Drying


  • Preferably, hang your shirt, hoodie, or bag up to dry. Heat is not a friend!
  • If you must use the dryer (and we're not judging, honest), turn the garment inside out and tumble dry on low heat and a gentle setting. Remove the garment from the dryer before it's completely dry, and let it air dry.
TKCSB Images Laundry and Care Instructions - Ironing


  • In a word, don't.
  • If you simply must iron, turn the garment inside out, use the lowest setting, and press lightly. Avoid ironing directly over the printed part of the shirt.

Sometimes, life can be messy.

Which often involves getting messy substances on your spiffy clothes.

Here are some helpful tips to help remove stains:

  • Be quick. The sooner you can address the stain, the better.
  • Don't rub! Instead, blot. (Rubbing can spread the stain - just the opposite of what you want.)
  • Avoid heat. Heat will help set the stain, making it more difficult to remove.
  • Club soda or 7-Up will help break down a stain.
  • Yes, you can use laundry sticks like Tide, OxyClean, or Shout. However, don't use them on the printed part of the shirt - chemicals in the gels will break down the colors of the printed area, and you'll get an effect we definitely did not intend.

If in doubt, contact us if you have any questions about caring for your new t-shirt, hoodie, or tote bag.